John Ellet - CMO Manifesto

The nFusion Accelerator

is led by John Ellett, nFusion CEO, author of The CMO Manifesto and contributor to Forbes CMO Network. John’s insights are informed by conversations with hundreds of the world’s leading marketing change agents and more than 30 years as a marketing leader and strategic advisor to the world’s top brands. Have John speak at your event.


Design and communicate a transformative vision for their organizations.


Optimize structure and processes to plan and execute modern marketing programs.

Integrated Marketing
Campaign Engineering

Enhance for higher levels of agility, alignment, and accountability, leading to more effective work.

CMO Advisory

Help marketing leaders to develop their leadership approach and provide clear, actionable insights essential to the success of any marketing executive and their strategy.

  • What I recommend to just about everybody on my team, and also a lot of my customers as well, is a book called the CMO Manifesto written by John Ellett. It’s a roadmap to really understand what you should do as a CMO in the first 12 months in the job. I’ve personally loved that book. 

    Cory Treffiletti, VP of Marketing, Oracle Data Cloud
  • John and the team at nFusion helped my organization redefine marketing activities in a strategically relevant way, aligning our tactics with the performance of the business, and measuring performance rigorously and consistently to provide transparency to the results that matter. This type of consultancy and approach is what makes nFusion vastly unique.

    DOUG ALBREGTS, President, Sharp
  • John has been an invaluable resource to me over the years, and never more so than during my first 100 days as CMO of a public company. His deep business rigor is matched by his fresh, creative take on modern marketing. I benefited greatly from his coaching sessions, which were filled with pragmatic advice and compassionate counsel.

    LISA PEARSON, President, Umbel